Typical christmas post! Got a new pair of monitors (Yamaha HS5) and I currently have them playing in mono by setting the output on my mac.. However this isn't very practical as I can't mix in stereo because I can't figure out how to set them up to play as left and right rather as just 1 speaker...

Currently I have an aux coming out of my headphone plug on my mac, into a splitter which then goes into an aux to jack adapter in the back of the speakers. I know this is horribly wrong however I don't have a clue how to set it up...

Do I need to get a mixing desk or some other form of audio work station?

Thanks and Merry Christmas!
Normally you would plug them into the left/right mono outs on your interface, but it sounds like you're not using an interface. Why not? this seems like an odd setup.

Regardless, to use the headphone port you need a Stereo (TRS) 3.5mm to twin mono (TS) 6.5mm cable, or the appropriate adapters to create this configuration (stereo to twin mono).
What chatterbox said.

You may wanna get an audio interface as well, it'll greatly help the sound you're getting.
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You need an interface. Not sure how you came to the conclusion of buying monitors before an interface
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