So, basically....i am very new to this computer recording realm and I just got the hang of knowing all about VSTs and plugins. Right now, i am running my guitar (Ibanez Premium RG 927 w/ dimarzio crunch lab and liquifire) through m audio mobile pre USB mk II.

I use Reaper as the recording software, which is loaded by VSTs consist of: ReaComp (compressor) --> noisegate --> TSE 808 (tubescreamer) --> noisegate (again) --> amp (5150 simulator) --> cab simulator --> ReaEQ (equalizer) --> lowpass filter

I am kinda trying to achieve djenty guitar tone like in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7SbVOE7W3k

however, i kinda felt that my tone i produced is really different...kinda f**ked up

here's the example of my tone:


i am looking forward for any suggestion and help for achieving better tone...
I assume you have re-checked the video instructions for all the settings?

If this was a real fx chain, it would sound like you have insufficient gain on you signal at the amp input, check you are making up the gain in the first compressor or turn up the input from your guitar perhaps.
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I'd recommend you to use your noisegate before the compressor since the compressor will bring the noise you want to remove up. Djent guitars usually have some boost at the 2-2.5k area, though in some cases this boost is given by the bass.

Dial in the tone in your amp sim very carefully and chose the right impulse to use with it. These tutorials are just to give you an idea of what to do, every composition will need a different guitar tone even if you use the same gear played by the same player.

And if you want my opinion: the tone in the video is not good at all.
To be honest I'm not sure how good of a tone you're going to get with VST effects. You could load a tubescreamer VST and have it "drive" the amp sim, but whether or not it works as if you were actually driving a real, crunched amp, is up to the quality of the VST.

Here's my suggestion: Try dialing in a mid-range boosted crunch on your amp sim. Then, load the TS VST and see how that works. If it sounds bad, you have shoddy amp sims.