So, basically....i am very new to this computer recording realm and I just got the hang of knowing all about VSTs and plugins. Right now, i am running my guitar (Ibanez Premium RG 927 w/ dimarzio crunch lab and liquifire) through m audio mobile pre USB mk II.

I use Reaper as the recording software, which is loaded by VSTs consist of: ReaComp (compressor) --> noisegate --> TSE 808 (tubescreamer) --> noisegate (again) --> amp (5150 simulator) --> cab simulator --> ReaEQ (equalizer) --> lowpass filter

I am kinda trying to achieve djenty guitar tone like in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7SbVOE7W3k

however, i kinda felt that my tone i produced is really different...kinda f**ked up

here's the example of my tone:


i am looking forward for any suggestion and help for achieving better tone...
I don't use VSTs but I do however use the Axe Fx and your tone sounds similar to a patch that is missing a cab block. Maybe mess around with the Cab sim some more. I wish I could be more help but as I said I don't use VSTs for my guitar tones.
All I can say is less is more in your signal chain. You can get VST amp simulators to sound good but you have a lot going on here even before your guitar signal touches the amp sim.
Less is indeed more. Chuck everything that isn't actually your amp amp chain. Dial in a good tone with THAT. Then worry about adding effects, and eqing afterwards. You're making this way too complicated.

Also please always remember that pre-sets aren't gonna help you if you're not using the exact same gear anyway. For sure you can probably use that line up of vsts to make something worth while, but your settings are gonna be different. So my advice stands, until you know how to set up that stuff on your own, KISS.
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