I'm disappointed that no one has made a Christmas thread yet so seeing as I'm in charge of morale (self-appointed position) I'm doing it.

Merry Christmas MT (or whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year)! May your yuletide be filled with merriment and hot chicks.

Did you get anything music related for Christmas? This is the first year in a super long time I don't think I got anything music related actually. I did get a stick blender though!
Merry Christmas! (Even if we celebrate Christmas here in Sweden on the 24th, so, yesterday)

Nothing music related from friends and family, but i bought myself a personal Christmas gift that will arrive sometime next week, an Fractal Audio Axe-Fx 2 XL. Hyped for that!
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Merry Christmas! Sadly, my family doesn't celebrate Christmas so I didn't get anything. Saves me the trouble of having to buy gifts though.
Merry Christmas MT! I got Kingdom Hearts 2.5 (I love Kingdom Hearts and especially the two games bundled) and a Trac-Phone from my Mom. Kingdom Hearts is one of my biggest inspirations in remixing and music in general. I just got done watching "Rudolph's Shiny New Year" and plan on getting the remake of Pokemon Ruby (among other things). Hope you guys have a great Christmas too.
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I got clothes and money.

Can't complain, the "Jet's building a guitar" fund grows closer to completion.
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I jammed along to "the Public Domain Christmas Jazz Fakebook" on the piano and we all tried to sing along. "O Holy Night" was obviously the best one.
Happy christmas
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Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas.

I got a guitar shaped barbeque spatula.

someone tried to set me up with their cousin, whom plays guitar - I don't know if that counts as a musical Christmas gift haha. A good day though.

Peace and Love.
Merry Christmas all.

For music related presents, my mum put money towards my share of recording costs (heading into the studio in late Jan). My beautiful girlfriend bought me a Strymon Bigsky.
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I bought myself some replacement parts for various instruments