Hi guys,

Just got back into writing music by myself since I don't have time to be in a band right now and recorded a couple songs and I thought I'd share one of my WIPs for conversation or critique or whatever. I know the production isn't too great. It was done in my bedroom here over just a couple hours, but I figured I'd share anyway in case someone has a similar interest or writing style. Feel free to leave your soundcloud/bandcamp/whatever here as well. I like hearing new tunes and finding new groups to support. Cheers

**** off Randy.

Now that that's out of the way...

I like the intro riff. If you want to add some variation for the transition to the next part, I think having another guitar track harmonize with the hammer-ons at the end of the riff would be cool.

The riff after that is pretty catchy.

I love most of your riffs; the only weakness is the single guitar. You have so much potential with your upbeat and interesting riffing, but for it to stand as an instrumental, I think you're going to need some other guitar tracks, whether they be leads, harmonies, background tracks, doubles, et cetera.

I love the tone of the lead at 1:50. One fun production trick I've learned for spacy leads is to pan the lead mostly to one side, then put all the delay/reverb hard on the other side. It helps create a full, immersive sound, and I think it'd sound awesome on that lead.

The part at 2:28 was sweet.

Overall, your riffing is awesome. This gets a little repetitive, but I think with some additional instruments, it could be great.

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@ aaron: Thanks! And I really dig your music. Dynamic, and quite a bit of it sounds very 80s and British (For lack of a better simple term to describe it) which I love. The music keeps me interested and the style is not so common these days so it stands out when I'm listening since I don't get a chance to hear much music like that.

@ herby: Thank you for the critique. I will go back and try to add some harmonies and dual guitars. These last couple songs on my SC are my first attempts at writing outside of a group environment so I'd say I'm not yet in the mindset of properly considering and writing a second guitar. No excuses for poor writing, but I can try right? Will have to work on that. Thanks for the tips And I love the melodies in Frozen, Waiting! All of your songs seem to have a solid grasp on maintaining interesting melodies which is important for electronic. Keeps it interesting and keeps the listener involved. I very much enjoyed those
Didn't see you'd responded til now. People typically leave return crits in the thread of the piece they're reviewing. It's convenient, because they won't necessarily be checking your thread for replies, and it also bumps their thread.