Good evening guys, I trust you've all had a good christmas!

I have been an on and off player for around 7-8 years now and have 2 guitars I use. I have a Sheridan LP Copy and an Ibanez ARZ-307. I am slowly beginning to learn some theory as I just played riffs up to now.

I want an axe I can drop to Drop B/A# to learn Parkway Drive/Slipknot style music. Any players got any experience with dropping this low. I'm looking at a Schecter Omen Extreme 6 Ideally. What's the best strings to drop this low on an Omen?

Also, the ARZ-307 pick-ups are dreadful. Looking at Bare Knuckles Juggernaughts, any experience with these bad boys?

Look forward to speaking to some guys on here!

Have a good'un!