Imreally stumped, im on a budget of 120-140$.
The main thing im looking for is feel. I want it to feel like a piano, so semi, or weighted keys are ideal, and 49 keys would be great. I found this Alesis V49,that sounds perfect, but most people say that the quality is shoddy.
I dont know any other semi weighted 49key controllers, so please help me out.
If you dont know any, id still be thankfull if you would just reccomend a midi controller.
Again im looking for feel and quality, but ofc programble knobs and other things are welcome.
Have you ever tried a semi-weighted keyboard?
It doesn't feel even close to a piano.
It uses springs, not weights.

You'll not get a real piano feel for that money.

I'd get an m audio axiom49 or save up enough money.
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