Is it used? If so, you say it needs new strings... Does it currently have strings on it? If some guy is trying to sell it and it doesn't have strings on, that's usually a bad sign, in my experience. Means the guy doesn't know what he's doing, probably hasn't taken good care of it, and it might have a warped or bent neck, which can be really hard to see without strings in place.

Also, that looks like a low-end licensed Floyd Rose to me. I'd stay away from those. Get a hardtail unless you can afford to get a guitar with a real Floyd. If it's got strings on it, and you can see that the neck is good, and it plays well, It's not a bad deal. Not a great guitar, but a decent one, and you can't really ask for much more at that price.

Also, just for future reference, this is something I explain to people at my store all the time. Mostly people who don't have a lot of experience, and have always had cheap guitars. Whether or not the guitar "stays in tune" should not be considered a sign of quality. Any guitar, no matter how cheap, should stay in tune under normal playing conditions. If it doesn't, it's not just cheap, it's broken. The guitar staying in tune should be a given, no matter what. I get people at my store all the time trying to sell me used guitars. When I ask what kind of guitar they have, and they say something like, "it's real nice. stays in tune great", my thought is: That fact alone doesn't make it a nice guitar, and the fact that you think it does confirms that you don't know what you're talking about, and the guitar in question is probably an entry-level piece of crap.
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I would go with something other than a floyd rose trem.. Guitar looks nice and I bet it plays nice, too. Played on Cort's before and they have a one helluva comfy neck, but i'd go with non-floyd rose guitar, considering it will be your first guitar, changing strings, or anything tremolo related would be annoying to get along with, but that's my opinion. good luck sry for eng
I have a Cort g290, hell of a nice guitar with a ton of high end features. They are a solid build but the main thing as stated before is to find a non floating bridge guitar as it can be a big pain setting them up.
Fixed bridge is quick and painless to change strings and tune so you can focus more on your playing. Goodluck!