With tomorrow being boxing day/start of boxing week, I'm looking to buy a new amp. I like to play a wide range of styles from bluesy stuff to more heavy stuff like Tool or Alice in Chains. I have a Strat and I really like the Strat sounding stuff too.

Currently I've pinned my decision down to either the Fender Mustang III or the Vox Valvetronix VT40+.

Any opinions and expertise would be appreciated. Also, how do the options on Fender's Fuse compare to the sound from the pre amp tube?
I have a good friend that has the Fender Mustang amp, and I have a vt30, I much prefer the Vox between the two but if you don't mind going used you can get a much better amp than the cost of a new vt40 or Mustang III. If you really want a modeling amp check out the Peavey Tube Vyper
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The preamp tube in the VT40 is a gimmick. They are okay but I'd recommend a Peavey Vypyr Tube if you could grab one.

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