Hey guys. I hope this is not the wrong subforum to post this. Long story made short, I managed to write a couple of songs (five or six) which I consider to be quite good in a two-year period (from 2011 to 2013), but this has been a dead year for my songwriting. Have you experienced this before? Feeling like you completely lost your ability to write songs.

I have been able to write a couple of verses or two occasionally, but later on I've felt like that's not good enough to end up as an actual song. I've also felt like I've falling into the habit of using the same kinds of chord progressions for most of the songs I've written recently (which later on leads me to discard them).

If any of you have been through this before and have a tip to spare, I'd appreciate it!
I say don't worry about the chord progressions too much. Write lyrics and melody. You can pick out the chord progressions later. And if you find they're too similar, you can change them up with different chords that fit the melody.

What helped me was joining a band with two very good songwriters which made me want to write. Also, participating in the Songwriting Game in The Pit. Has helped immensely: http://groups.ultimate-guitar.com/mozartfactory

Don't be afraid to write terrible songs. I just got my first bow tie, and I suck at tying it. But I've got to tie a lot of shitty knots before I start tying good ones. Just write, write, write.
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My personal experience is that the stuff I threw out thinking it was garbage ended up being used again a year later and became fun songs. Don't be too hard on your writing and just jam alot. Opening drum tracks on youtube can help you get a beat and rhythm to work with which might inspire you. Listen to your favorite artists, cover them, learn their styles, and try working with that. Hope this helps. Merry Christmas.
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Sometimes you can't force inspiration. My best songs have come from some from the best and worst times of my life. I've often felt stuck in a rut - these are some of the things I do:

-Don't focus on the chords/theoretical side of the music. Just play it and listen, don't over-analyse.
-Swap a chord in your progression for a variant - change it from maj to minor, or dom7 to maj7 or sus9 etc... experiment.
- The ratio of 'bad' songs to 'good' songs will probably be quite high but that means there will be a higher number of 'good' songs/ideas the more you write
- Try a different tempo, style, rhythm.
- If you're strumming, try picking it. Maybe incorporate the melody into the chords when picking or even strumming if you can.
- Don't discard it!! Sometimes you can mash all the cool bits from different compositions to make something quite amazing. That killer riff in a boring song might sound better with that odd verse you wrote two years ago.

For myself I'm going through this atm with a few ideas. So I'm trying not to worry, and just focus on learning songs the band I'm in atm is covering. That way I'm not too frustrated!

Hope this helps... sometimes ya just gotta sit it out. All the best
Hey guys, thanks for the tips. I know that you can't force inspiration, but I've heard from some people that you shouldn't always wait for inspiration to write. Writing every day is a common exercise for writers, but it's something that doesn't work for me. Since I posted this, I've been able to write 3 different song lyrics, and I might spend some time working on them. Something I found useful was not writing in English, but in Spanish (which is my first language). I'll try to keep up the work.
As well as trying to write more, maybe try listening to some different music from a band or genre you don't normally listen too. Maybe try and learn how to play some of those song too.

It might help you find some new ideas like a different chord voicing, technique or a scale that you can apply to the songs you are writing.