I am looking for a replacement bridge for an older ibanez gio (pos one) One of the saddles fell off over the years and i lost it, so what i am in need of is a replacement Non-tremolo bridge that will fit that model of guitar.

Or, would it be easier to just buy a pack of new saddles and change them out? My concern there is if they will fit correctly.

Any input it greatly appreciated!
I would hop on eBay and look for a set of saddles. If possible, try and take measurements first, providing of course if the seller gives details on these specs.
You could also look at replacing the whole bridge, once again check for measurements (which should be provided by the seller) to see if it will fit.
My brother had an SX strat copy and the bridge broke (the block was made of crappy die-cast metal), I just went on eBay and bought a replacement from China, which was pretty much exactly the same. I think you'll find a lot of low-end Chinese/Indonesian Strat-style guitars use a lot of similar hardware. If the measurement fit, chances are it will fit perfectly.
take a photo I can tell you in two seconds. I've put together a lot of low end guitars for people so I can give you all sorts of insight.