I just got a new strat and want a nice comfortable strap for it.

Here are some photo of the strap I have on my les paul which is very comfortable. I'd love to get something either the same or very similar but I have no clue who/what to search for as I didn't buy the strap originally.

Here are the photos:

The strap is 47mm, soft tan leather backed with nylon.

I don't recognise the logo but hopefully someone on here does! Thanks!
If no one knows who made this one, can anyone recommend a nice quality similar strap?

-Nylon backed leather
-Fully adjustable
-2" Strap
I swear I've seen that logo, but I can't come up with a name. Going forward, is 2" the narrowest or the widest you want?

I can think of at least a dozen makers of quality leather, suede, vinyl and woven straps. In no particular order (except that I usually start looking at Levy's):

Levy's: http://www.levysleathers.com/music
Franklin: http://franklinstrap.com
Henry Red Heller: http://www.henryhellermusic.com/cart/
Peri's: http://perris.ca/store/index.php
Oberon: http://www.oberondesign.com/collections/leather-guitar-straps
Couch: https://www.couchguitarstraps.com
Anthology Gear Wear: http://www.anthologygearwear.com
El Dorado: http://eldoradostraps.com
TrickedOutLeather: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TrickedOutLeather?section_id=12047340&ref=shopsection_leftnav_1
Italia: http://italiastraps.com/index.html
Souldier: http://www.souldier.us
Steph Guitar Straps: http://www.stephguitarstraps.com
Bitchstraps: http://bitchstraps.com
Planet Waves: http://www.planetwaves.com/PWHome.Page?ActiveID=1193&sid=3c5a2453-a61e-490b-9888-ffb9163f843c
AF Designs: http://snakeskinstraps.com
GuitarMoose: http://www.guitarmoose.com/main.sc
Handmade Straps: http://www.handmadestraps.com
Jodi Head: http://www.jodihead.com
Revolution Guitar Straps: https://www.etsy.com/shop/revguitarstraps
GruvGear: http://www.gruvgear.com/solostrap
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