Hi all, I have just started playing and have got myself a sweet little deal with a fella across the road that is teaching me for free. I am a builder and he is in a band, you scratch my back ill scratch yours sort or thing which is working out great. I have just signed up and have downloaded the desktop pro play along but i am struggling with a few things.

learning some basic tunes = wonderwall and walk the line

my teacher is teaching me to play these with straight cords eg no capo and just E,D and G for example and no flashy alterations just to get my figures working.

On the play along and tabs it seems that the lead guitar is just playing individual strings (picking) and the lead is only playing a strum on the 1st beat of a bar.

He has told me to pratice the cord chances to start with by play every second beat 1 strum, 2 ,3 strum, and 4 start again on the next cord.

I cant read music but find that listening to it helps me get the rhythm and makes me change cords faster, But i cnat find a way of doing this is the online players or on the desk top. can anyone help me
Hi liam46, the tabs on this site will only play what's already been uploaded. If you need it to be different I'd ask your guitar teacher to tab it out for you in Guitar Pro/Tux Guitar/Powertab. If I'm understanding your explanation correctly, you're strumming the 1st and 3rd beats in every bar, and you'd like a tab to play back that has that rhythm included?
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