I'm a beginner guitarist looking to buy my first decent guitar. I am planning on buying the Seagull S6 Original. But i don't know if i should choose the Slim (1.72" nut) or the Original (1.8" nut). My hands are smaller than average. Any suggestions?
Play both and decide. I prefer the wider neck these days but in my formative years my hands were smaller and I liked slim necks. Tastes change over time. Both Seagull guitars will be excellent platforms for learning.
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i always liked wider necks, and i'm only 5' 3" with small hands. are you planning to play fingerstyle? if so, the extra room for your fingers to maneuver comes in quite handy. btw, you can absolutely get used to either width, but some prefer their fingers closer together while others prefer more room.
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I truly wish my 6 strings had the wider nut, (1.8"), it would be easier to jump back and forth between my 12 strings, which are 1 7/8". That's 1.825", if you're going to insist on a decimal conversion...