Hey everybody,

I'm currently planning on buying an Ibanez RGIR27FE and mod the hell out of it, but as we all might know, Ibanez and a lot of other big names in the industry has this completely ******ed and SUPER annoying tendency to put those crappy EMG's in their guitars.
And as we all also may know, they have giant routings so it'll look completely f****** stupid if you wish to change them to passives. So I was thinking, would it be possible to fill out the gaps in the routing around the pickups with some sort of foam or something else, that wouldn't damage anything or otherwise 'cause trouble?
As long as the electronics don't touch anything conductive like copper you'll be fine.

I'd honestly have fun with this and try one of those active preamps like artech to this wah potentiometer. A rotary knob to do a BB King lucille varitone mod like guitar fetish sells.

I wonder what would be the best solution for the gap. On one side of things you're not seeing the big routing. On the other side of things though you could fill it and it may add 5-10% more sustain at most. At the end of the day as long as the guitar sounds good. The actives are going out so it's in the right direction to a good sound in my eyes.

by the way if it's a floating tremolo I highly recommend brass big blocks. I put one on a BC Rich and it made it sound fixed bridge how much extra volume and tone I was getting out of it. They are around 30-ish american and an easy installation.
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you could fill it and it may add 5-10% more sustain at most.

Where do come up with your numbers?
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Seymour Duncan makes many of there 7 string pickups in active mounts if that helps any, you didn't specify what you wanted to put in there.