hi everyone, i play guitar (acoustic and electric) for a long time, and my brother is an excellent piano player. Now i've been looking for some songs to play together, but i can't seem to find any cool ones.. Got any ideas?
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Well theoretically you could do any song if you arrange it for guitar and piano.

I know that probably doesn't help, but yeah.

Do a ton of jazz!
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yes i know, but many rock songs sound pretty lame if you play the chords on piano if you know what i mean and we really want to play something that's recognizable maybe we're just too lazy, and have to arrange something ourselves?
Generally the acoustic sounds well with the piano. Play chords on the guitar, melodies and bass on piano.

Dramatic solos can sound good too, I like this particular Guns N Roses performance of a fantastic Todd Rundgren song, Dust in the Wind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SzWblRpAng solo starts at 1:45.

Generally it works best when the songs are chord-based, not so well when its rhythm based. But find your own middle ground!
That sounds pretty good! but we can't sing, so if we would instrumental, should the melody of the vocals be played by the piano or guitar?
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That sounds pretty good! but we can't sing, so if we would instrumental, should the melody of the vocals be played by the piano or guitar?

Decide it yourself. But remember that if the guitar is going to play the melody, it can't really strum chords at the same time.

Try different things. Do what sounds good - that's what music is all about.

Just make your own arrangements. There are few songs that are for piano and guitar only. There are songs that have both guitar and piano parts but they are not going to sound good if you play them note for note because those parts are written for a full band. They don't sound that interesting without the other instruments.

Just figure out the melody and chords and start playing the song. It's not that difficult. Make music.
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Keep in mind that this song uses a baritone guitar tuned to G#–E–G#–B–E–B and a capo on 3, what you might want to do is tune your guitar a step and a half up to BGBDGD and remove the capo, or tune up further and transpose everything accordingly, like C#AC#EAE and transpose the piano part up a full step.
these are some great tips, thanks! maybe we should just arrange something ourselves indeed actually you can cover most songs on piano and guitar, we'll just have to figure it out a little