hello ive been playing guitar on and off for about a year but i just recently started doing some fundamentals like scales and learning chords. i have brain trauma its not super severe but the left side of my body has trouble reacting and moving. when i strum i cant really flick my wrist and its some what locked in place and i lack accuracy when im trying to hit individual strings. long story short is there different ways of strumming individual chords so i can do some sick solos?

thank you
You could strum mainly with your elbow if you stand while playing. It takes a bit of practice but a lot of punk rockers do that. Not sure if you could easily do leads like that, you might be sort of out of luck on that front, but it would probably help your rhythym guitar playing.
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Can you use (some of) your fingers individually on your strumming hand? If so. you can play solos. For example, Jeff Beck doesn't use a pick ... mainly his thumb .. and he sounds great.

cheers, Jerry