OK this is the first time I've shared lyrics with anyone - I find it very personal
This was written after a few deliveries of bad news. I've written music for it, if you PM me I can maybe send a link to the track I've recorded as a rough idea. It's pretty raw I know, that why feedback would be appreciated

So cold and dark
Broken wings will never mend
Hopeless and friendless, forever stranded
The pain will never end

Fly, fly away
You'll find a way

Refuse the hand that feeds you, reject those who would lend
So cold and bleak just one last thing, this life must end

Fly, fly away
There's another way back home

But please don't leave me here
Don't just leave me here
Don't you go just yet
We've only just met

So dark and lonely
Without you here today
Why did you leave us with nothing left of you
There's so much I didn't say