I am super new to recording and just went to guitar center to get an audio interface. I came home with the scarlett 2i2 and im lost. Right now i have my mic (sm 57) on a stand next to my amp that goes right into the first input on the interface. then i have the USB port on the back of the interface going right into my computer that is running on windows 7. What i wanted in the first place was to be able to have the input to my computer sound be the interface and the output being my headset i use for gaming. For some reason it just is not working. When i try to set up the input for audacity (Im just using it to get the hang of everything) it doesn't show up. Also when i try to play sound into the mic to the interface the light that turns red to indicate clipping doesn't light up. It only lights up when i tap the microphone.

How should i go about setting this thing up? I have trying looking at videos but everything seems to be different on my end or a lot of people are using mac computers. I did go to focusrites website and downloaded the drivers for the 2i2 so i dont think it is that.

You dont want your mic to be clipping the interface. You want a steady green Ring not Red when playing your guitar. If you are not getting enough volume from your amp you will need to adjust the gain on the mic pre amp knob, you want JUST BELOW clipping. And if for some reason it always clips (I had this problem on my 6i6 with some DI guitars) you could open MixControl and turn the input into a Pad to reduce the Db input.

Also, you should consider using a DAW that can fully utilize the interface, i think most focusrite products come with ableton lite? Or you could even try reaper.
Is the output coming from the sound card of your pc? If that's the case, it won't work, and you'll need to get a 1/4" jack adapter for your headset and use the headphone output on your scarlett.