I messed up a bit here... can anyone help, sorry for the wall of text but it had to be.:

I think I screwed the wiring up for the grounds... as far as the circuit grounds go.

I put copper tape as a liner in all 3 cavities, and connected each with a wire, then connected them to the base of the volume pot along with the bridge ground wire. the 2 pickup grounds are mixed with their respective north/south finish wires and ground to the base of their respective pot. Each pot's ground is wired thustly:
(going from base up)
one wire going from bottom right ground, to top right ground, to base.

The "ground path" "starts" at the jack sleeve, then goes to the bridge concentric pot base, then to the neck concentric pot base, then to the switch. Bridge and shielding wires ground to neck concentric pot base.

The Hot Lead as it were starts at the input jack "tip" lug, then goes to the center switch position. Then from either end I have two hot leads. One for each single coil that goes to the perspective wiper/middle lug of it's respective pot. Then I have the North start wired to it's left lug on each pickup's respective pot, and same for the South starts.

Problem is, its more noisy than it should be... even single coils are supposed to be pretty quiet with shielding right?

Then there's the problem that I have to have all pots turned on just a bit to allow "activation" of any one of the single coils if I'm in center position. If I'm in neck or bridge position, I still have to have not only the one I want to use turned up, but also have to have the other one on just a tick or so...

Add to this the issue that if I turn both posts up to 100%, they got out of phase with each other. If I back either coil off just a bit it goes back into phase... that is you go "quacky" if they are both on 100%, but roll either one back just a bit and you get the full tone again.

Not that I'm complaining too much about gaining out of phase without having wired it that way (at least not intentionally... don't think I did that at all did I?) But I'd like to get 100% volume out of both coils...

Heck, I'd like to get humbucking out of this too... seems that didn't happen with this current wiring. I think I just got them in series or something. Oops. This also happens in center position, roll em all to 100% and you get a fuller, but still "out of phase" sort of "quacky" sound where the base and some mids are taken out.... Roll the neck and/or bridge's north/south off a bit and it goes back into phase... what the fudge o.0. Does this even make sense?

This is quite the unconventional wiring, and makes for a lot of head scratching.

Anyone able to get a schematic up that allows one to get both the humbucker AND, use of BOTH single coils out of the single 'bucker, with just 2 concentric pots and a 3 way switch? I don't care how unconventional it is, as long as it works. I need basically both humbuckers, and all 4 single coils, AND the ability to combine any of the 4 together including all 4 at once...

I just ordered some CTS concentric pots from warmoth that will replace these pots I have now that are just tooo tiny to work with (VERY mini, even though they were not advertised or described as such.... I mean even the lugs are tiny and VERY close together.... made things quite frustrating so far... can't wait to get the cts pots and redo this with correct wiring, at least as far as grounding goes... if anyone can fix it? I mean I shouldn't have noise at all even with single coils with the shielding done right, no?
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Yea, I've got Seymour Duncan's in both slots lol. Jazz in the neck (nothing new here right?) and the '59/Custom Hybrid in the Bridge. So yea, I spent some time looking at that. The issue is, that all the diagrams I've found so far that utilize splitting, it seems it's only for using one of the two coils. What I'm wanting to do here is split it and utilize both coils of each humbucker.

Essentially turn 2 humbuckers into 4 single coils, but with the option of when both pots of the concentric/stacked pot are on, they are in humbucker mode.

Essentially, say I want the Bridge South on, I just roll to 0% the 3 others, and roll on the amount of the south bridge I want... all the way to 100% if I want it, or backed off a bit if I want it. Nice single coil tone. Say I want any of the other 3? Same thing. The real trick here, is the ability to say, roll on both the '59 coil AND the Custom Coil and it becomes the '59/Custom Hybrid Humbucker that it is... then roll off either one for the effect I want if I want to.... or the same goes for the Jazz pickup.

The real treat of all this, is the ability to go to center switch and roll on any one of the 4 I want in any combination I'd want. Say I want both North coils... well just roll off both south coils and roll on both norths, and vwa-la!... Heck, I could even turn all 4 on and have that "center switch position humbucker" sound ...

Thing is... as I have it wired above.... it's not humbucking when I have both coils or all 4 coils activated. It's more like I have the pickups wired in series without the "humbucker" path, but just 2 single coils in series... not a bad tone, just not what I was going for.

I'm going to draw up a schematic for a better image of how I had it (had, in that I've switched it back to a Master Volume/Tone+3way switch for now, until I get my CTS Concentric Pots and a better grasp of this. I'll have it up shortly.


Here we go, crude, but I think it'll serve us.

Basicly I want this, but with my concentric stack (just now found this):

The above picture is for a on/off/on single pull double throw mini switch, but can we use this somehow to figure this out? Just hoping . In reality it would be a double pull double throw, couldn't find a schematic for this though lol.

I'm not above buying mini circuit boards for this project if I have to, and tape it up and stuff it in the cavity.
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Not sure exactly what you'd need to do it but to get the full humbucker sound the red and white wires need to be connected to each other and disconnected from everything else. I'm to tired to even think how you'd go about it that's what needs to happen.
And now I feel stupid... I think I found what might solve this:
problem is the threaded shaft would be too small to fit my current 3 way toggle's hole.


Possibly the answer?

Only issue is how to get it to fit the hole of the 3 way toggle... it's going to be smaller.

thing is... I don't think this allows for the combination of North and South or South and North... just North/North-Both or Either Humbucker-South/South with individual volume and tone controls....
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