ok so i got a presonus audiobox for christmas, installed it to my hp laptop, bought cords, head phones ect, havent got monitors yet, i am a novice recorder and would like to get into it more, was wondering if anyone had any tips on where i should go from here (other then monitors) to keep building and eventually have a decent home studio, thanks!
Depends what kinda stuff you wanna do - what you wanna record, if you wanna mix it yourself...

You may wanna get one or more mics, you may wanna get monitors, you may wanna get a midi controller, you may wanna get a good sounding amp sim...

One thing I'd do for sure is trying every DAW's trial version and then get the one you like working with best.
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One thing no one mentions about home studios and laptops.....get a bloody big 42" tv. Mount it on the wall. Run your laptop into that. Hey presto...you can see what you're doing. I used to hate squinting at tiny rubbish on the laptop monitor. And maybe some kind of control surface, much easier than messing with a mouse. If it's easier, it's more fun and productive.
Mostly just jump in and have at it. You're starting small. Pretty much everyone does. You'll find out soon enough where your weak areas and limitations are, and you'll start addressing those. That process will involve, over time as your funds allow, buying more mics (different tools for different jobs), different preamps (different tools for different jobs...again), more plugins, maybe some other rack gear, then you'll trade in some mics for others, and pick up yet another preamp, upgrade your interface, upgrade your monitors, etc., etc., etc. Eventually you'll accumulate enough stuff that your limitations will be fewer, but will be more and more costly to address. (nice, eh?)

For the short term, yes, definitely monitors. Also... and don't ignore this.... treat your room. Do some research on that. You can't mix if you can't hear what you're mixing properly. Secondly, that boxy, hollow sound that comes when you record in a bad room... you can't EQ the stink out. It's there.

Later down the road, you might want to look at a space that will give you a live room and a control room, adding iso booths, etc. Maybe.

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