Hey dudes, I have just recorded a cover of "The count of Tuscany" ending solo by Dream Theater!
version2 ( I recorded this more recently and I'm undecided if this is better or not than the first one ahah)

I used my Schecter synyster custom and Overloud Th2 boosted with the tse808 plugins as always!
Tell me your thoughts"
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Always nice to hear you covering John Petrucci's solos, it's almost like listening to the original Great job again !
When I saw that you were the one that covered this, I knew it would be badass be4 even listening. You do an awesome job with your solo covers. I think if you made videos to go with them, you would get so many views it would be crazy. As i expected, you kicked the crap out of this cover!!! Keep up the good stuff!
Holy shit dudes, thanks a lot! They weren't meant to be great covers but only a test of the new tone as I'm studying this solo these days but now I think that now I'm gonna leave them on my soundcloud ahah
I'm gonna check out your stuff now!