Playing is quite good, especially on the distorted tracks. It's not quite my style of music (pop-punk-metal-stuff) though. I do feel like it is a bit guitar-centric at times (I'm saying this as a guitarist- did you start out as one?). I like instrumental music, but it should showcase all the instruments and give them all space (An Endless Sporadic, Liquid Tension Experiment). I think the bass and drums could add more. Vocals would add a lot to some of the more rhythmic tracks, but yours (as on Cheaters Never Win) need work.

Basically, it's good stuff but you could make it much better and more interesting to listen to by adding vocals on par with the instrumentals, or maybe more lead lines or just more varied instrumentals. I liked Downward Spiral and Flagship.
Also if you want more comments/critiques comment on some other people's stuff and ask for C4C.
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I like some of the more modern metal stuff like this with the sweep picking and tap arp sweep techniques pretty good . I think this is becoming a very common theme, I really like the dropped riffs.

I think the production side of your stuff will grow, playing wise very good leads. One thing I've noticed as a musician is by the time you've learned to emulate a style it's pretty much 10 years old, in my case I'm 30 years out of date lol

I'm getting old now I'm nearly 50 and find that I don't get on as well with the new wave pop instrumetal stuff as much as I do with other types of music although I'm not oblivious to the style, It's a very saturated market for sure and you're a very good player,my advice would be to work on your production side a bit more as the playing is pretty good and I'm sure in a while it would add to the overall affect of what you do.

Feel free to c4c
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I think you need to let the music breathe a little more in a lot of your tracks. It's clear from listening to them that you're a very talented player and you have a lot of good ideas in your music, but without dynamic shifts in the songs it all starts to feel a little monotonous, riff after riff after lead after lead. Let some of the other instruments shine through in your tracks so that the guitars always feel fresh and you will have some grade A stuff on your hands.

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