I just wondered if anyone could advise me on what strings to look at for a new Tanglewood TSF CE?

I use Ernie Ball Earthwood Medium-light, actually I have used them for over 20 years on my acoustic guitars
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I wouldnt worry too too much about brand for a newbie. What I would recommend, however, is using a lighter gauge (10s or possibly 9s(?)) with the guitar tuned to standard E. Or you could tune the guitar down a halfstep or wholestep. The whole idea is to create more comfort for the player who isnt used to the guitar and hasnt developed finger strength or muscle memory.

One other thing to consider (though it isnt for everybody) is coated strings. Some people have more corrosive sweat than others, and itll make their strings feel awful after a few hours or days of playing. When I first started, I would put new ernie ball strings on and after three hours or so of playing, my guitar just felt terrible. I thought it was my guitar's fault. It was hugely demoralizing. Since Ive started using elixirs, just about any guitar that they are on feels sleek and very playable almost indefinitely.
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