Hey, I've been thinking about buying a 12-string acoustic for a while now, and I've got enough money to get a decent one. Does anyone know any good makes for 12-strings, or any websites that give recommendations? I haven't had one before, but I've got a steel-strung acoustic and played them before, so I'm used to how to play them. The kind of things I'd use it for is writing big-sounding solo guitar pieces and playing along to bands like Led Zeppelin and lots of progressive bands (e.g. Genesis' Trespass).

Thanks for any feedback
I'm not sure what the US$ to pounds or euros or whatever conversion is, or if Taylor's prices are higher in Europe, but look into a Taylor 150e. They're about $700 American. If that's close to your budget, definitely find one and give it a try. Gorgeous 12 string. Plays and sounds like a $1000+ guitar.
You can get a Seagull s12 used anywhere from $250 to $400 depending on condition. A really good 12 string if you can't afford a Guild or a Taylor.
Since you're in England, you might be able to find a Crafter D-8-12EQ/N also. These aren't too expensive. They're traditional materials, solid spruce top and laminated mahogany back & sides. The electronics package is by L.R.Bass, and is better sounding, (IMHO), than the equivalent Fishman "Presys", entry level affair. I bought a lefty version here in the states, and paid $500.00 USD, with free hard shell case.

Be careful though, Crafter ships with the worst sets of strings I've ever heard, and that could ruin your testing experience in a big way. They were shippingg with what was billed as, "Korean 12 strings". Don't know if that's still the case. I do know they've taken to using D'Addarios on most or all of their six string acoustics.

I'm not suggesting it above either of the other two guitars offered so far, just offering another alternative.

I'm not certain whether Guild's GAD series, (Chinese Guilds), are in your price range or not. They do have a 12 in the series, and Guild has always been praised highly for their 12 strings, so a 4th possibility.

Correction. At $1350.00 USD, the Guild E/A model is way, way out of your price range. However it's a jumbo, with all solid rosewood back & sides, and of course, a solid spruce top: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/guild-gad-series-f-1512e-12-string-jumbo-acoustic-electric-guitar.

Elderly Instruments website shows the Crafter: http://elderly.com/new_instruments/items/CD8-12EN.htm

And here's the Seagull: http://www.seagullguitars.com/seagull_coastline_s12_cedar.html It's got a lot to offer also. But being a lefty, I would have to buy one to try one...
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Since you're in England, you might be able to find a Crafter D-8-12EQ/N also. These aren't too expensive. . . . . :

I agree with the Captain here. Crafter guitars generally are excellent quality, very well made instruments. If you shop around you should get the D8-12n (not electro-acoustic) for £300 or even less and that's a great price for such a good guitar.
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I have a Blueridge BR 160 12 string. solid woods, spruce top and rosewood back / sides. paid about $989.00 with a hardshell case. I am very happy with the fit / finish / action / sound.
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I'll second the Taylor 150 suggestion. I tried one recently, and it sounded good and played easily.

A problem with 12-strings is that they are prone to structural deterioration because of the higher string tension - they go banana-shaped and the action gets higher. This isn't a problem for Taylors, because the neck is fully bolt-on, and can be quickly and cheaply reset to a higher angle to compensate.