I'm looking for buying a multi effect pedal board. Since I'm still a begginer in the pedal industry I would enjoy have a unit where I can easily tweak and choose some effects and pedals for later purchase.

I mainly play hard rock/metal (Van Halen, Crue, Dokken, Priest, Maiden) but I also like to play some blues and clean stuff.

Anyway, I've got a lot of suggestions but the main ones were line 6 pod hd500x and Boss GT-100 so I went on youtube to compare the sounds and for me in higher gain settings the gt-100 starts to sound very "muddy" in comparision to the pod.

Unfortunately I just found two direct sound comparison videos so I wonder if the sound difference i listen to is real or has something to do with different tweaks given by the ones who tested the units.

Based on interface and options I would certainly choose the gt-100 but this sound difference its making it very hard to choose.

So, the question is which of the pedal boards should I chose? (If you have any other suggestions they would be very welcome)
The L6 POD HD is a great pedal and it's amp modeling deff sounds better than the Boss.
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I've owned a cheaper Boss multieffect and I didn't like it, the sound quality was pretty pad. However, I am just about to buy a Line 6 unit because I'm certain that it's top quality. I'd also recommend the Line 6.
Line 6 are good, but my preference would be the Zoom G3/5.

Both brands are worth looking at.
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Love my HD500X, hell of alot a tone for $500. With some dialing is, you should get all those yummy tones. I play alot of Maiden and Priest, mainly using the JCM 800 and a tube drive and while I'm not perfectly replicating, I'm relatively close.
+1 for the Zoom G3/5, though if you've got the cash the 500x and the Boss GT 100 are very nice.
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Unless you have about 6 months to spare twiddling with settings, getting depressed, getting your effects unit from the garden after throwing it out of the window, considering stopping playing forever, if you like never getting the same sound twice and are a bit of a masochist....AVOID the HD500 or 500x, these are not beginner boards. They are a royal pain in the ass to set up. Get something simple and easy to set up. Boss me80. Digitech RP500 or RP360XP. So much less hassle if you are only learning about the things. Instant reliable sounds without having to reset up the damn thing everytime you want to use it with a different rig/amp/combo/desk. They should come with knee pads supplied you spend so much time kneeling down.
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If you're still trying to decide OP,

I have the RP-155 from Digitech, and although I like it, I've been looking for a higher-quality multi-effects recently. I'm not sure how different the 500 or 300 are though, but I imagine that the sound patches are the same. If you want a quick, cheap, disposable, easy-to-learn multi, get something from the RP series.

A good multi-effects will take a while to learn. If you get frustrated because of it, that's because you're just trying to learn how to use it best. If you have the money to spend on the POD HD500X, get it.
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