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I have 2 guitars (Yamaha APX500II (acoustic) and Epiphone LP Tribute Plus (electric)) with a rosewood fingerboard. If I want to clean these fingerboards using Dunlop Lemon Oil 65, what cloth should I use? Can I use this one: http://www.tonefactory.nl/fender-genuine-factory-shop-cloth?gclid=CMOw0b3q5sICFWfkwgodj7wAmA (Fender factory microfiber cloth) or should I use a different one?

Thank you in advance!
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Honestly, that microfiber cloth is expensive and overkill for this particular task.

I'd suggest "piece of old t-shirt."
Anything will do tbh, although if you want a cheap lint-free cloth then you can use the ones you get in opticians to polish glasses with.
Agree with dspellman, I've ripped up some old jeans that were too big or too torn. I use those for guitar's body cleaning. For the fretboard I use some cheap cloth, like ripped t-shirts or something like that, and then for wiping off the oil I use just regular ki t c h e n towels...
Is that a curse word.. seriously?

Want the answer why it'd be a total waste? Tip! You throw the cloth out THAT HAS ANY oil on it. It's flammable.
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