Just recently bought a evh 5150 50 watt head and the only cab i have at the moment is a line 6 spider 3 4x12 cab. Seeing if i can plug into it until i buy a new cab. New to tube heads...
Match the impedance. You'll be fine.

Also use a speaker cable.
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yes you can, but I believe the L6 cab is stereo at 8 ohms each side. So you will need to set the amp to 4ohms if you plug into both sides of the cab. You will need 2 speaker cables to do this.

If the EVH does not have a 4ohm setting put it in 8 ohms and only plug into 1 8ohm jack on the cab.
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5150 III 50 watt has parallel speaker outputs and a 4/8/16 Ohm selector switch. Do what Robb says.
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