Hi all - not sure if this is the correct forum for this question but seemed to fit best...

I'm looking to play through my iPhone or iPad with headphones for bedroom playing at night with programs/apps with drums/backing tracks and/or a metronome. Some recording down the road but first priority is to make sure sounds good when practicing via headphones.

What interface would be best for this? I've read that it can be tough for the headphones to sound good? Any ideas/suggestions/etc? Any and all advice welcome for this noob. Thanks!
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What interface would be best for this?
Apogee Jam.
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I've read that it can be tough for the headphones to sound good?
Yes, but that's a headphones problem, not an interface one.
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Any ideas/suggestions/etc?
Amp sims on iStuff are pretty bad in general, if you want to practice with headphones and get a good sound either get a used POD HD Bean or get amp sims for a computer.
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Garageband app, std headphone out and a pick of your favorite guitar interface. Some of these guitar apps are also pretty good.


Tascam ios interface is good quality and reasonable.

This is just a killer app for making music on iOS or Mac
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