This could be a fun discussion. As we know material matters for those with a good set of ears so what do you think is the best material for what.

pure nickel - certain fender strings to whatever
nickel plated steel - regular d'addario , ernie bal ..etc
chrome - D'Addario
titanium - ernie ball
steel - dean markley blue steel to certain fender strings
stainless steel - Ernie Ball

and of course half wound or flat wound where it implies in between. That and are coated strings worth it for those trying to decide. Yes more than Elixir and DR make coated.
Metal. I tried those nylon strings once and my guitar didn’t make any sound! What a ripoff.
I use a variety. I find Cobalts sound and feel tighter, so I use a 10-62 set on my 7 string, but I use regular 10-52 nickel wound (and a 11-56 set on one) D'Addarios on my 6s. For bass, I use an Elixir 45-105 stainless steel Nanoweb set.
I prefer pure nickel wrap. Warm rich sound to my ears. Someday I'll try those Maxima gold strings just to satisfy curiosity but they're a little pricy to me. I really dislike coated strings. My Carvins came with them and the tone was a little thin to me and they had the added bonus of shedding statically charged plastic flakes all over the guitar body like sticky dandruff that was just enough to drive my OCD bonkers.

Also, on the nickel, some people have been developing allergies to nickel and that part is somewhat amusing to me (after watching someone have a not severe but noticeable reaction after 5 min of playing). What can I say, I'm mean sometimes.
My ears don't work that well, I guess.

I think keeping the strings fresh is far more important than what they're made of.
For general bashing around, I'll buy relatively cheap strings (GHS Boomers, usually, for around two bucks a set) in bulk whenever I find a 10-fer or a 5-fer deal and change them often on the guitars I use the most. The ones that are likely to be sitting will get Elixirs, and if I've got a hot gig coming up, I'll treat the gigging guitars to a set of Dean Markleys (the Cold Steel things) five-buck (if you find them on sale) strings.
I've always preferred Everly B-52s and whatever magical alloy they are supposedly made from. They don't make them in my gauge anymore though so it'll be back to regular old D'Addarios when I'm out of them. In all honesty there was never a huge difference in sound anyway. They just reacted a little better with the pickups in one particular guitar.
only strings i'll ever use are ernie ball power slinkys, so i'll say nickel out of pure bias. they have a very distinct feel and sound that no other string has.
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I use Diaddario XL 9-42,10-46 and 10-52 and Ernie Ball 9-42, 10-46, 10-52 and Dean Markley Jimi Hendrix 9-42

I prefer Nickel wound strings
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Been using Ernie Ball Titanium Coated strings (10-46) recently and it's the first time I felt I've found my brand. They feel a bit smoother than regular slinkies and have a clarity to the tone that trumps cobalts. The cobalts, I felt, were coarse as hell and because I have acid hands, they'd last maybe a week, if not less. The Titanium's will last me a month comfortably until I think I need a change. And it's lovely to bend 3 steps and not break a string.
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I like the warmer tone of pure nickle strings. I have not tried some of the more exotic types so my opinion is a bit weak in this area so I just stick with what works for me.
I prefer DR's, but I get Fender Bullets for free at work, so I've been using them a lot lately. It's never made that big of a difference to me