It'll be fine. "Restorative" and "vintage" are just marketing-speak.

Most of what you're paying for is packaging and advertising and profit for Guitar Center and Gibson. The fretboard conditioner is over 90% mineral oil (you can buy that stuff for $11/gallon at a good discount hardware store), and you'll find that a better all-round polish and wax for both the metal and the lacquered parts of a guitar would be something like Meguiar's Cleaner-Wax (it'll also last you ten years if you only use it for your guitar).

But it's a Gibson kit; they're not going to risk lawsuits over ruined guitars by providing you with something that will damage your guitar.
I had an old version of that kit. If you're dealing with gold hardware, be warned: anything, including enough wiping with just a soft cotton cloth an no chemicals will take that gold plating off. The more/harder you buff, the faster you'll burn through that plating. Other than that, the stuff in the kit is fine and if you have chrome or nickel hardware, no worries. Just be careful with gold hardware. Especially Gibson hardware. Gold's expensive, they plate it on thin. Strangely, I haven't had this problem with my Carvin's.
then buff and polish away. Chrome's a pretty hard coating. Won't harm it except by leaving acidic stuff like sweat or worse sitting on it and not wiping it off and that will take years to start pitting.

Best thing for chrome hardware to stay blingy though is not going to be a chemical polish (at least not very often). Do yourself a favor and get a soft microfiber cloth to wipe it with. couple swipes and mirror clean.
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