Personally, TLG is one of my favorite bands out there today, they never cease to amaze me. They can go from a slow-paced, beautiful work of art to shredding a crunchy jam in the blink of an eye while consistently showing off beautiful songwriting. fantastic chemistry between the keys and guitar and a very unique bass as well. They're live shows are incredible, I'd see them live over Panic or Phish any day.

To me they're vastly underrated, I feel like they could(should) be so much more popular than they are now.

Just wondering if anyone else wanted to share any thoughts or opinions.
They're decent. Instrumentation is good, but I just wish Garrod had a better voice. He seems pretty limited with his vocals compared to how the rest of the music sounds. Not to draw comparisons, but I do dig JB's voice from WP far more than I dig Garrod's.
I agree with you on that for sure. I feel like in some songs his voice can be pretty shaky yet in others it feels like it fits the song perfectly. Whatever he lacks vocally is for sure made up for on the keys. I can dig JB's voice a whooolllle lot tho.