I'm trying to replace the tuners on my ltd h-1001. I'm having trouble finding some since all the ones I've seen have had screws on the sides of them to keep them in place. On the tuners though, there's no holes for screws, just notchs on holding them in place internally. They arent the original esp locking tuners since the previous owner appeared to have swapped them out. I don't really want to drill holes if I don't have to. Which tuners would easily replace them?

Sorry, I know im probaby not being very clear... In short I need some tuners to replace these

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Hi there. There are some Schaller tuners with out holes. Also Hipshot has a device to change any tuner to theirs. The most common ones are Sperzel, they are good and locking and don't have screw holes.

Take under consideration that the holes in the headstock (where the tuner sits) might be too small for the new tuner and you will need to open it for the new one. It the tuner is too small for the hole, it will not sit properly in place, so you might wanna check on that.