Been letting my album ride but now I'm about to start recording again so lay it on me. All feedback welcome, especially concerning what can be improved upon.

Most tracks combine elements of funk&grunge with other styles sprinkled in


Return To Ender

Here's an acoustic one if you prefer

This is Naivete

Here's all 12 tracks if you want to pick one out yoself

Every review is appreciated - leave your tracks so I can return the favor
Zoo intro and later background vocals are a bit pitchy, but main vox sound pretty good. Audio quality is quite good. Instrumentally, everything sounds very good to me, playing is tight and melodies are good. Will return other song soon.
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Return to Sender. I like the electric bass and percussion a lot. Some of the melodies work well, other melodies not so much for me. Guitar solo is unique and intersting and good. Vox are OK. Audio quality is quite good. Not easy for me to type on this iPad. Happy New year!
Hi jmako,
Thanks for your review! I listened to your tracks too.

First for Zoo - certainly very interesting song, you have your own style which is very important in a world full of imitator. Riffs are not your run of the mill three chords punk rock standard melodies. The same can be said for Return to Ender. I liked the shoegazy vocals in Return to Ender a lot more. I think that they will be even nicer if you add some "wall of sound" to them - maybe a lot of reverb and/or delay. This can be said for the mixes of the both songs though - at the moment they sound too polished, "modern" and tight. Of course, if this is what you want, you've done your job very well but I'd prefer more vintage and "warm" analog sound. Maybe if you reamp the masters through tape? This is only my opinion though... The mixes are well balanced as they stand now.

Anyway, for Return to Ender... The sitar there was also very pleasant surprise. The whole song has a tribal/trance (not the electronic music!!!) feel which is very nice. This song can be easily 7 or 8 minutes long and won't get boring with the repetitive feeling you got. Maybe something you can try when playing live.

As a whole, you have very interesting style... Return to Ender is the better song I think but they are both nice! Wish you luck with your album
Hey man.

Zoo - from the beginning I got a vibe of Primus from the guitar, then it got into something like The Offspring met Nirvana. I liked the track, but I felt like the solos dont quite suit the track, but it's just my personal opinion based on my preferences. I also thought that the voice was too loud for the track. Nice lyrics, and nice breaks. Pretty good song to be honest!

Return to Ender - Well I liked this more than Zoo. Actually I really liked this song. What effect did you use for the guitar? It sounds like a sitar or a bouzouki. And the solo is what it needs to be - short'ish and to the point. The vocals seem mixed good in here, meaning I can hear the instruments clearly and also the voice without any problems. I was expecting you to go all hardcore at 1:30, go onto some sort of grunge'esque riffs with more gain on them. But nevertheless, it is a great track!
ZOO - A unique sound and mixture of eclectic influences. A relentless groove drives a kind of intense weirdness, with a vocal line flicking through atonal intervals, to release the tension in a darkly celebratory chorus. The middle section brings an inspired change into a smoother texture, while still keeping the slightly strange feel. The continued changes give a fantasia feel to this creative piece. All these disparate parts are congruously linked by a continuity of feeling and vision.
The playing, singing and production are all excellent. Reminds me a bit of The Pixies, but stronger in all ways, better sung, written, and the musicianship. Kind or super-slick punk.
RETURN TO ENDER - A spikey effervescent funky intro leads into some smoothly strange vocal harmonies. Japanese influences vie with an softly edgy vibe, again gloriously eclectic. The superb singing flicks and slicks through a plethora of weird nuances. The lead guitar break is atonal brilliance.
This is highly accomplished piece, really clever, quite inspired. Completely original, full of familiar sounds mixed together in completely new ways. The musicianship is consummate, the singing is most excellent, and totally suited to this offbeat style.
Quirky creativity abounds here.
NAIVETE - Sorry guys, although this is well played and sung, I'm missing the merry mosaic of your full instrumentals, It's just too straight ahead for me. I love your wonderful weirdness, your quirky craziness, your eclectic euphony.
However, this is again a very clever song, again all is slightly strange, and as it develops I'm again hearing what I want, a kind of odd symphony of instruments, and the singer is lurching into peculiar intonations, so maybe I've judge too soon.
In fact, this song is gradually developing into epic brilliance. An inspired vocal performance with his flexible expressive voice. A kind of tenebrous moodiness pervades this masterful composition.
Repeated listening shows this piece to be a profoundly penetrating piece right from the first note to the very last. Perhaps its more subtle style is not so immediate.

All in all, this band is genius, completely original, vital, edgy, super slick without ever being cold or clinical, full of potent poetry, simply brilliant.

C4C https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1664192
@mike_197 - really appreciate the follow and the rave review. Here are the lyrics to This Is Naivete (I also have them posted for each song in the "read more" on soundcloud, the description on youtube, as well as on my music page on facebook if youre interested in others)

What sense does it make
to listen to me
I don't say what I mean
I don't mean what I do

Each chance that I waste
defines the line
the doubts that I lay
soon seem to be truth

But the truth awaits
to be recognized
believes it can be found

Forced away in defensive times
and forgotten from the toll

There's something bigger
I'm trying to see
the lives that we run
are run into the ground

They're planted there
a seed of doubt
ambition abandoned
abolished away

So the children who play
are on the clock
about to be too old
it's naive to think they'll figure it out
before they will be sold

What sense does it make
to listen to me
there's wars to be won
the one for them all

How can I live
perchance to dream
when the money we make
funds killing machines

So the children we raise
can consume the lies
passed down from our plate

The world is yours can you visualize
all you'll do with it
oh, no?

The world was big
not big enough
exhausted all our wonder

The world was big
not big enough
for weary minds to wander

Descendants of the conquerers
in a world that cant be won
theres nothing left to do for us
but we can't just sit around

We're forced away

It makes a difference to us
keep on looking
to fight for meaning
we're not lost

It makes a difference to us
so kill and kill and kill
it makes a difference to say free
but what does it mean

You've been forced away
to search for work
to search for love
to search for yourself
@andreicristian Thanks for the critique! Which guitar sound were you after? If you give me a time stamp I could tell you more precisely what you're hearing. I actually didnt use many effects on the guitars for Return to Ender. Distortion and some relatively light filtering at times mixed with a lot of bending of the strings. If you're talking about :54 to 1:28 those are sitar-like synth patches from my keyboard.
Liking this is naivete, some crazy nice bass lines in there, love the bit at 2:10 with the xylophone or whatever it is! the production is awesome, everything can be heard clearly, not muddy at all, possibly have the acoustic guitar a bit louder though in the beginning.

Return to Ender is really strange haha, catchy as hell though, really strong rhythms. Interesting instrumentation and nothing seemed out of place. The vocals fit the song perfectly. Again the bass is really good haha

Pretty unique stuff!
Hey I decided to check out a different track just because you've already got some crits on the ones you pointed out. I listened to Momentous Occasion because it had the fewest listens and it was a cool track and I'm definitely gonna listen to some of the others but first here were my thoughts:

- I like the bass driven sound, you're clearly a skilled bassist
- There seems to be a lack of low-end, most likely due to the tone of the bass
- I like the sound of the vocals, pretty simple but simple is usually better
- Nice solo
- Ooh the vocal break in the solo caught me by surprise, very nice, keeps the listener's attention
- I don't know what you'd call the part but the final line of the song is the hook (and you probably know that because you ended on it) and I thought it should have been repeated more throughout the song. It's strong and I found myself waiting for it but wasn't satisfied by the end of the song. Maybe repeating it multiple times in a row would have been good.
- Enjoyable song, I'll listen to some more, nice job man!
I like Zoo, in particular the rawness of the "chorus" part. The vox work well for this style. This is definitely the sort of style that definitely works better live where you can feed off crowd energy and "put on a show."

I also like how there's a pretty clear variety in tracks while keeping your signature sound. Great audio quality too. Well done, much more polished than anything i've ever done lol.
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