Today I purchased a Roland VG Strat with American standard pickups. I also have a MIM strat with CS69's which are superb which leaves me wondering what it would be like to have the playability of the VG and the warm rounded tone from the CS69s. I have two questions:

-Would changing pickups interfere with the functionality of the onboard Roland computer?
- For anyone with experience of changing from american standard to CS69 - is there a noticable difference in sound quality and noise? I could probably fetch a higher price selling the MIM if I leave the CS69s in so I'd like to know if swapping them round is worth my while.

for starters it isn't to likely you'll get much more for a MIM even with better pups. just the way it is.

the roland part is a separate pickup so that won't be affected by a pup change. as for a change it depends on what you want out of your strat soundwise. the CS pups are better quality but might not deliver a huge change tone wise. they are very different than the stock pups in a MIM so that explains the sound difference there.
I went from the american standard 'fat 50's' to CS69's. Not a huge difference overall but the notch positions do sound fuller and a bit more SRV / hendrixy. More hum though. IIRC both of these observations are due to the middle pickup not being reverse wound in the CS69's as it was in the fat 50's.
Do pickups have to be installed as a set or could I keep the middle one and install CS69s on the bridge and neck?
^ should be fine as long as you like the sound.
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