JUST GOT MY FIRST EVER BASS! A beautiful Ibanez GSR200 and a little Ampeg BA-10B!! Can you toss out some ideas as far as any cool bassey songs of any really genres? Tips, tricks, and any hints are appreciated. I would've added pictures but I tried and couldn't figure out how to. One more thing... On my Ampeg amp there is a push button on it that says -15dB and it does something to the sound. I guess. What is it really?
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Congrats and welcome to the world of bass!

The -15db button is for active basses. It lessens the input volume so your amp doesn't clip when you play hard. If your bass has batteries in it, you should make sure the button is pushed when you play.

As far as songs go, check out the thread that is stickied at the top of this subforum that says "songs you need to learn".
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The construction of magnetic pickups involves a wire wrapped a couple of thousand times. Passive pickups have more windings, whilst active pickups have far less. The output of a passive pickup is correspondingly higher. They act as a magnet for signal noise and feedback when pushed, though, but have higher dynamic range than active pickups.

Active pickups are less susceptible to noise. Their lower dynamic range is effectively natural compression. The reason why active basses need to be padded by some amps, like yours, is because of the active preamp that is either built in, or follows directly after the pickup. This boosts the signal to above that of most passive signals, and also allows for more tone shaping. With passive electronics, you can only attenuate (cut) bass and treble, as there is nothing to power the boost of the signal. As an active preamp has a power source (battery), it can not just cut, but boost the bass, treble, and in some examples the mid frequencies. Some basses have passive pickups, but also an active preamp for this reason.

To be fair, you could boost with passive controls, but you would need huge signal coming from the pickups, as passive components can be powered by the signal, but that gets into complicated stuff.
And I hate to sound needy but on the bass if I fret the first through third frets on any string there is always a buzz. It is a brand new bass from a dealer not eBay or something. I thought maybe the action should be raised a bit... Any ideas??
But the thing is the buzz isnt tiny at all! I can fret the first fret and it produces a sound and then move to the second fret and the same sound is produced. And the note is not audible at all it is just a short twangy buzz... And then nothing..
Haha, sounds like you have a problem. Fortunately, though, adjusting your string height is a breeze. Either have a set-up done by a guitar technician, or do it yourself. Heres a video in which the guy seems like he knows what he's doing.

...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
Sounds like you need to adjust your truss rod. Don't raise the action if your neck isn't properly set up. You may end up with ridiculously high action. If the 3 lowest frets have buzz, you definitely need to adjust the truss rod.

People are afraid of adjusting the truss rod and always tell you not to do it. But I think adjusting the truss rod is many times necessary. With proper adjustments your bass will feel a lot easier and more comfortable to play. You won't get low action without correct neck relief.

Truss rod is a basic adjustment. Everybody should be able to do it. There's really nothing to be afraid of, unless you turn it more than you should. But don't worry too much about it. Once I turned it to the wrong direction and nothing bad happened. Just be careful with it.

Just follow these instructions and you'll be fine:


It is good to be able to do this on your own. You don't want to have to pay every time you want to set up your bass. And it's not difficult to do on your own.

Oh, and I think your bass has active electronics in it.
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Thanks all! The buzz iss issue has been fixed at the store where the bass was bought FO FREE so all s here!