Hey dude,

Well, this isn't my favorite genre to be honest. I used to listen to this kind of music when I was 14, and that was 8 years ago , but I'll try to give some accurate feedback. For starters, I loved how you started the song. What effect did you use for that intro voice bit? Regarding the the production I can't really say anything because it's well done. All the instruments can be heard properly, the drums aren't shrieking loud, and that's a good thing. The guitar isn't so distorted that you can't make it out. Your singer has a good voice.

Sorry for not being able to give you some proper feedback, but like I said, it's not my genre.
cheers for the replies guys - glad you both liked the production - Michael is a great singer and his voice really fits well with our music

Our guitarist Enrico did the vox at the start and I got no idea how he came up with that sound lol!!!

I didnt want to layer up the track too much as I feel its a solid rocking tune and too much orchestra strings would clutter up the mix

Great stuff! I agree with the other posts. I personally like a darker feel as opposed to the 'epic' or fantasy feel in this music, but still quite good.
As for the voices in the background, I actually kind of feel like those should come back up at the end, because the beginning feels much heavier than the very end and it left me feeling almost a little unsatisfied as a result. If you're going for epic fantasy metal don't worry about sounding cheesy.

I especially agree with the bit about the chorus though- instead of matching the lead and vocal every time I feel like you could do more with it.
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Hi InnerDream,
Thanks for your feedback. I listened to your song as well.

Usually I don't listen to this type of metal but actually liked your song. The vocals are a bit out of the mix... maybe some reverb and/or delay will help them? You have very full and thick sound of the guitars and the song doesn't need more instrumentation in my opinion. The riffs are easily distinguishable which is very important for this kind of music. They are also not ultra technical and masturbatory like some Yngwie song but very melodic and catchy. The sound of the whole thing is also nice.
Over in idiomatic but supremely slick and tight heavy metal groove sings a melodically meandering lyrical vocal. The playing is consummate. I feel that the engineering could make the sound a bit heavier, a bit thicker, it just sounds slightly too polite, but still it's very well done, still clear and uncluttered. The well sung vocal needs to be made slightly more legible, but the unusual combination of lyricism and heaviness works extremely well here.
This song is quite complicated and long - although all the ideas are good and they all work excellently, one can feel a bit lost on this long journey, and perhaps this song would have a stronger effect if it was edited into a shorter more memorable piece.
But this music shows excellent composition and arrangement skills. I might suggest that a greater range of vocal melody, especially more use of the higher notes, would add more light and shade to this song, and make things sound more distinctive, like the high scream at 4.23, more of this sort of thing, more range in the melody, the song needs a catchy sing-a-long chorus part.
This highly capable band has no weak members, the musical arrangements and playing are superb. Make the writing more distinctive and punchy and catchy using the ingredients that you already have to really stand out of the crowd.

If that wasn't too harsh, you can C4C here.
The singing is relatively bluesy, a bit weird, but I like it. Riff is nice. Good atmosphere.

I think you need to think about other areas in your writing besides just the chords, and melodies and stuff. By that I mean texture, dynamics, rhythm, etc, besides it drags on a bit. With power metally type stuff, its gotta be ****ing exhilirating! I listen to this type of stuff quite alot, with bands like Helloween and Blind Guardian, shit is ****ing powerful, and not just hard and fast, but you got the slow epic shit too. Play around with the other instruments, add some interesting parts in the other instruments, play around with structures, rhythms, take out instruments and out them back in later, play around with volumes. One thing you can definitely play around with in this genre is rhythm.

Or, change it up completely, take out drums and everything and put in acoustic guitar. Make it a chill as **** sort of bard's song, you know? My main point here is open your mind to different possibilities, dont just grind on and finish a song because it needs to be finished.

Take some artistic liberties.

Overall, good writing, good melodies, need to expand your mind and give your music a wow factor. In fact, with this song in particular, try maybe speeding up by 10-20 bpm or so in the solo and see how it sounds. You'll need to transition it somehow, but you know what I mean. Your music is by no means bad. Its just the everyone else's is good too, so you gotta stand out somehow. We need more power metal bands man!

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I love the sound of this song. It's right up my alley.

The intro vox are a cool effect. The singing wasn't the falsetto vibrato power metal style that I expected, which is refreshing. The lower tonality of the singer fit the powerful sound of the song very well.

The guitar leads are creative without being distracting, which is perfect. The solo was played skilfully but was still very tasteful and musical, which can be a hard line to balance.

Great atmosphere in the production.

I found the tone of the open hi-hat to be a bit robotic sounding. It might help to take a tiny bit of treble off of it.

The lyrics fit great with your overall feel.

The rhythm starting the bridge at 3:50 switched up a bit suddenly - was a bit unexpected. A short interlude preceding it might serve the song well. That's just personal opinion, of course.

Overall, I really enjoyed your song; well done! Thank you for posting it!

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