Hi, I have recently been snapping strings almost once every couple of weeks, and I'm struggling to keep paying to replace them. As you would expect it's usually the high e, and I'm currently running 9s, as I love the wah they play.

Would moving up to 10s solve the problem, and are there alternatives to a change in string guage?

Thanks in advance
Do you play crazy hard? If not, have the guitar checked out. Might be a snag on a fret or the nut or a saddle or something. Strings definitely shouldn't break that often. Unless you pick super hard. If you do, then yeah, heavier strings is basically the only option.
Hmm. Well I'd try moving up to 10s, then. Is there a good guitar shop close to you? If so, have their tech look over the guitar for burrs on the saddles and nut and whatnot. Does the string keep breaking in the same place? And is it breaking near the bridge or the nut, or right at the spot where you pick?
I pick very hard and I never break strings but sweat and a few other things factor in. I have 6 or so guitars so I go between them a lot is probably one reason I don't break them as much but using metal picks and 1.5mm dunlop gators I haven't broke a string in a very long time actually. I laughed the last time I did.

where do the strings break? 5 suggestions

#1 - heavy cored strings. They are thicker in the center so harder to break.
Dunlop Heavycore
GHS Thick core
Ernie Ball M-steel (expensive)

#2 - got a floyd rose or edge tremolo?
licensed or not it should be flush (flat) to the body at point zero. If it's tilting either way fix it

#3 - do the tuners break near the headstock
if so buy a capo for higher tuning or buy another guitar when you have some cash laying around. Going back and forth between tunings causes the strings to become fragile. That is the reason

#4- if your guitar is constantly going out of tune and you're re-tuning a lot two upgrades
18:1 guitar tuners. Schaller, Gotoh, Grover, Sperzel ..etc. There is vintage and modern sized

#5 - upgrade the parts and see results.
there is a reason why some guitars cost 1000s of dollars the expensive parts make a difference.

a tusq nut for your nut if you've got a strat or les paul to something similar
graphite saddles for your strat bridge or les paul saddles
roller saddles for tuneomatics for les pauls or SG
roller tremolo saddles for stratocasters
a floyd rose with steel hardware like the original 1000 is a nice upgrade

by the way for strings I used to flip guitars. Stringsandbeyond.com is amazing for Canada, UK and the rest of the world for strings if you can't get single strings. They accept major credit cards and paypal. An excellent selection and you collect points which help pay for other purchases. I use this site a lot even now.
do the strings brak at the bridge or seemingly at the same spot? you could have a crap bridge saddle or a bad fret that eats through the string.

use as little of the pick as you can and remember to use your wrist as much as you can rather than your elbow.
Maybe try thicker strings.Do you gig or just play at home/friends?When i was gigging i would snap strings on my Gibsons extremely regularly,I played hard.Putting 10's on defo helped.I use 9's now at home and have'nt snapped a string yet.I only need to change them once a blue moon when they start to sound dull.Gigging takes its toll due to digging in,Sweat and temperature changes at different venues.
If strings are snapping then there's a problem. Somewhere on your guitar there's a sharp edge that's causing it.
Moving on.....