Hey all,
looking to replace my vintage tuners on my Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster.
These vintage tuners are a b****.

I cant seem to find any directly for the JM, any suggestions?
oh I hate those with a passion! My biggest tip if tuning stability isn't an issue is to wrap them around a few times prior to putting them in. Seymour Duncan mentioned it in a how to install a pickup video for beginners.

put them into the hole and turn them around the tuners machine head or whatever you call the part that sticks out of the guitar twice. When cutting the string I usually go a tuner and a half away like Elixir or Martin Acoustic guitars recommends and then cut with wire cutters. I was all over the place trying to find the best way to re-string one summer.

anything 9.14mm.
Sperzel is one option
Vintage style grovers
fender locking tuners made by schaller
schaller tuners are fantastic and some don't have the crappy fender logo on them
.. pretty much anything with a grommet and not a nut and washer. Nut and washers are 10mm.

I would bore the holes and put some 18:1 grover mini rotomatics personally. The higher the gear ratio the better the precision by the way.

locking tuners make it easier to string by the way besides that there is nothing special about them. Some argue better tuning stability but I'm yet to see an improvement.
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