Hello there, dear UG community. Pleased to meet you all. I'm a small-time composer mostly rooted in melodic death metal stylistically, but I also have extensive influences which I've picked up over the years. First it was power, black, progressive and thrash metal along with melodeath, but in recent years I've also come to appreciate the joys of rhythm oriented stuff such as the deathcore breakdown and djenty chugging. You can see two of my more recent songs here:


I've obviously written many, many more songs, some of them along with my friend, some of them alone. I play the guitar and the keyboard a bit, but not nearly enough to render what I've composed, and this is the core of the issue. My goal is to create presentable forms of several of my songs in order to entice some musicians from the interwebs to help me record them. I don't know if you're familiar with the band Slice the Cake, but it consists of three people, each of whom lives in a different country, and they've managed to put out three great-sounding albums already, and their third is on the way. They've inspired me to finally take action - I can't manage to find people to play my stuff, as I hear it's too heavy, too melodic, too progressive and whatever (not to mention that it is at least moderately demanding technically), so I would really like to find virtual bandmates.

The versions of my songs uploaded to Soundcloud with the link above do not quite qualify as a "presentable" version to me - it was created by exporting the MIDI score from Guitar Pro 5 and converting it to an MP3 with the soundfont called "Timbres of Heaven". An improvement over the regular MIDI rendition, but still nowhere near professional sounding. I'm aiming towards something more akin to a demo version, something I could record vocals onto and then show to people. But I still need to work with MIDIs. So, here are my questions:

1) You're probably familiar with this problem - when importing MIDI scores exported out of GP5 into Cubase, additional information such as the locations of pitch bends, vibratos, let rings etc seems to not get carried over and is lost. Not even palm mutes Is there a way to circumvent this? It's very essential in order for the score to be rendered well.

2) I'm using RealStrat + AmpliTube3 for my guitar sound generation. Could you suggest some decent preset for a distorted sound? Something really heavy, venomous and good both for power chords and very low chugging. I think I'll manage with the sound for the lead guitars, this one's with the rhythm guitars in mind.

I'm picking up Cubase as I go, but these two things kind of elude me as of now. Thanks in advance for all your help!
1. such info are encoded into midi files in a standard way up to a point, but there's no standard for stuff such as palm muting 'cause it's a thing really only found on some instruments, so just open up your midi editor and assign the controls to the right CC's.

CC's are different "sub-channels" into which data different from notes is encoded.
You can find lists of what each is usually assigned to on the internet.

2. shreddage 2 + whatever good amp sim (LePou's stuff, bx_rockrack, the softube metal amp room)
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Well, thanks for the heads up! I'll definitely make use of that info. Have a nice day!