and I have no idea what make model it is. Someone told me it's a teisco del ray, from between 1962 & 1967? I got the guitar form my coworker, he told me he got it in the 1960s from Montgomery Wards I believe it was. There are no markings on it anywhere.
That might be worth some money try doing a search and see if it looks like a del ray
It looks similar to del rays turned up via google image but I cannot find any others just like it.
I'll make a really broad generalization here and if it says "Made in Japan" on it somewhere it could very well be a teisco. Although, in the 50's and 60's danelectro also made cheap guitars stateside specifically for the catalog market under various brands (danelectro, silvertone, etc). FWIW, I'm not familiar with that specific model (not surprising, I'm not that old) but the features do heavily remind me of a teisco I have insofar as the fender-esque peghead, the individual on/off switches for the pups and what looks like a cheap trem tailpiece.
some cheap tiescos come up on ebay and my neighbor buys them all the time. If it's weightless and doesn't sound acoustically anywhere as nice as any other guitar in your collection chances are it's a cheaper import one.

the matsimuko factory a lot of guitars came from in that era wheren't just high end guitars collectors would go nuts for there was a lot of sears guitars and so forth from that era. The ones that are like lyra, lyro and so forth I've played at my neighbors place I would use as a coffee table before going to a studio. However, value is in the beholder. Some people will pay a lot more based on sentimental stuff like reliving childhoods like my neighbor haha, he just turned 50 so as a 20 year old I look at it as a piece of crap (low quality parts, lifeless tone and weightless). But hey if you think it sounds good and it's a keeper by all means. Very few guitars are worth a ton of money to retire on.