Hello Community!!!

Today, I have a problem which I can't get overdrive sound.
Is it cause by my Guitar or AMP?

My Amp has Volume knob, Overdrive knob and tone knob.
And my Guitar has 2 tone knob (It's all broken) and Volume knob with 5 way switch.

Does tone knob has something to do with overdrive or just guitar can't overdrive or maybe because of my AMP?
What's your guitar also?
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ok so my easiest piece of advice, go to a guitar shop and plug into anything and see if it is the guitar.

however here's a bunch of help
tone knobs hold onto a certain % of treble. The high sounds we hear it filters out for warmer or mellower tones. That is their purpose on the guitars. However capacitors on an amplifier. It would take me a while to explain their exact use.

So why do I expect the amplifier. Well on a guitar it controls volume of the pickups and filters out the treble like I said that is about it. For louder and heavier distortion put the pickups closer to the strings. That and have every knob on the guitar not amplifier at 10 (100%).

On an amplifier try to adjust the knobs. Turn on a distortion button or whatever you may have on if you're new to guitar and put the gain and overdrive up high first. 7 or so. Then work your way down and see if the amplifier is faulty.

So getting back to the amplifier if your volume is the same if the clean channel works it's the amplifier. I had a similar problem with a 30w marshall valvestate (awful amp) so I can help you out.

a few quick questions though
Have you smelled or seen any smoke coming from the amplifier?
Have you got other electric guitars or amplifiers to try at a friends house?
perhaps try a different guitar cable

So a more technical answer
from an engineer perspective the first thing to check is if a capacitor blew up. Electrolytic capacitors which are polarized tend to dry out as they have water in them after a while. If you're not comfortable taking the amplifier apart I wouldn't risk it. If you choose to do so unplug the amplifier for at least 24 hours. Capacitors hold onto an electrical charge for longer than we think.

Electrolytic capacitors They are a necessary evil for engineers this youtuber (EEVBlog) explained when I furthered my knowledge of components. If it's a capacitor blown it's best to get another amplifier. It's going to require soldering. With no name amplifiers though it's much less of a headache to get a new amplifier then to figure out what will work and what doesn't. Guitar capacitors for the tone knob you can change to many different values (sizes) but capacitors in guitars all have specific functions.

so my advice, assuming the guitar is totally fine.
buy a used amplifier or go to a shop
stay away from line 6 spider amps
craigslist / ebay (USA)
craigslist / kijiji (Canada)
gumtree / ebay (UK)
those are classified sites which you're buying used and you'll find great deals. I got a 50w marshall for like 100$. Granted it was quite the drive but I sold it for more than double when I was bored of it.
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by the way if you need help re-wiring the tone knobs give me a private message I mod/repair electric guitars as a side business.

tone knobs disconnected = a clearer sound by the way so they did you a favor.
If you get loud clean sounds, then it's probably the amp. If it sounds frail generally, it may also be the guitar. For example, I had problems with massively reduced output thanks to sloppy grounding after rewiring one of my guitars iirc.
The AMP is used AMP and cost me only 10$. Before I buy it, I already test it and the distortion work just fine before I buy it.

The guitar was a used one also. I got it from japan recycle shop and buy a new string for it , adjust the bridge and I realize that the tone knob ain't work and the Volume knob was a bit clunky like when I turn it to 7 it won't sound anything at all atleast I turn to a bit 7,5 or 8 and at 10 also don't work.

Does the action height has something to do with it? The Lower E string seem to sound deeper even all the string are in tune.

Sorry For my terrible English.
Both Volume and Overdrive knob act like Master Volume If I turn Overdrive to low I will get a low sound with a low Volume. And If I turn volume down and Overdrive up I can get loud sound but not Distortion. Both low and High are Clean Guitar sound not Distortion just loud
^ that sucks

It's kind of hard to say, it could be either the guitar or the amp really. the tone knob shouldn't really stop distortion from happening (it rolls off the highs, so decreases the signal a bit, but it should still be distorted, just sound a bit dull/like you're underwater if it's set to zero), but if it's dodgy there could be something else wrong with the electronics in your guitar.

but there could also be something wrong with the amp.
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