I am buying new guitar, and i am stuck between (ESP LTD MH-1000ET + Evertune) and (ESP LTD M-1000 FM See Thru BlacK)
Can someone pls tell me which one is better for metalcore, death, melodic metal ??
And which are the benefits and weakness ?

Guitar Link 1 :

Guitar Link 2:

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One of the biggest differences between these two seems to be the bridge.
Would you rather have a whammy bar or a stop tail? Do you want to be able to do all the tricks and so on that comes from having a floyd, or would you rather have the complete stability and reliability that comes with the evertune bridge?

They both have EMG active pickups, 24 frets and the same electronics config, so the bridge is what really separates the two if these are the ones you are torn between.
They are essentially the same guitar, one just has a floyd rose tremolo, which you can use for the pull up squeels and dive bombs but is pain in the ass for tuning experiments. The other is hard tail which is simple and easy, switching tunings is only a matter of turning the tuners. Also equipped with Evertune system that should prevent the guitar from going out of tune in middle of the gig or recording process.

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Let's be a bit honest about the Floyd Rose though: with a good setup you should be able to get through a gig just fine. I mean, people do it all the time. But with the fixed bridge you can screw around more, change tunings and that kind of stuff, and you know it'll be reliable.

If it were me I'd go with the Floyd, because to me the sounds you can make with a trem outweigh the potential for issues and inability to change tunings.

So basically your decision is ability to change tunings/reliability vs. cool tricks and sounds. I hope that kind of helps, good luck with everything.
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