I wanted a miracle, wanted Tourette away from me and my son. I had an enemy and wanted to defeat it. I did not know being a mother with a child with tourette as you would? So I waited, asked, prayed that the tics not return and they came back. It took me to want to see what the literature says, not that I did not know what she was saying, I do not want to accept, that was the truth.

Everything is a process, all part of the acceptance phase. Today, I can understand that Tourette is cyclical and what is "normal" Tourette. And God gave me the "miracle", not that I asked for, but taught me to walk with the syndrome, taught my son to be who he is, a brave teenager, strong and determined. He taught me that happiness is independent of the syndrome. Everything was an achievement, time has taught me today and keep seeing tics come and go, yet I ask God that miracle: not only for my son, but for our children: ask the discovery of a cure. Why write about the coming and going of ticks? For mothers who are starting with tourette, they can see me and follow on. A special hug to a mother "Livia" .