If anybody has this guitar, can you please measure the string spacing at the bridge? (distance from low to high e) this is with the licensed Floyd rose.
I would really appreciate it, also what year model is it?
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My MH400 is a Korea W075514 N427. What are you looking for? (Great guitar by the way). A quick check is 5.6 cm. I am using Ernie Ball Heavy bottom skinny top strings. It has the EMG 81/85 and it is the blue top.

I love this guitar and I have a Gibson Les Paul.

Hope it helps.
I've had two of them. The questions been answered I'm sure but if not flip the nut over and it has the model to google for dimensions.

one was glossy black which I re-wired passive as I think EMG pickups are trash. Blackouts are so much nicer.... that and I had a MH400 NT or whatever in transparent purple which I got so cheap when I flipped it I kept it stock. Photos of both are on my profile. The purple was like an anthracite like color.

I agree they are great guitars. Swap the licensed for a 1000 with a brass big block and its a perfect guitar as there's no room to 18 volt mod the EMG pickups unless you're really creative. The X series or TWX series EMG I highly recommend if you like the tone of EMG though less compression and more versatility without having to constantly have 2 9V batteries to push the IC more in the pickups preamp.
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