My son just bought a vintage 12 string at a small music store in our town. He loves the sound and we have been trying to identify the brand of guitar. It does not have any labels or identifying marks. The tail piece has engraved "Made in Germany" and I think it is only identifying the tail piece.

I have seen this tail piece on various vintage guitars and pretty sure it is made by Gotz (based on this example: http://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/vintage-tailpiece-12-string-germany-136227370) but mine is "Made in Germany" not W. Germany.

Does this look familiar to anyone?
Click here for pictures (this opens a slide show on photobucket.com. sorry I did not know how to post them here): http://s816.photobucket.com/user/barrydollar/slideshow/Vintage%2012%20String
Well, not a clue as to who made it. The shape looks like a round shoulder Gibson dreadnought.

The neck is unusual in that it has a zero fret. I had a Framus Les Paul knock off that had a zero fret, and I think it actually was made in Germany. (This was 3 decades or so past).

I hope the cracks I'm seeing around the neck aren't too severe.

I'm a sucker for 12 strings, and that one is purty.

Make sure you keep it tuned no higher than D-d standard, and put a fresh set of 12 string lights on it.

Have the setup checked/ fixed, it looks like there's some room left if the action needs to be lowered.
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We found out that it is a Hofner 490 Series Arizona Model, and someone suggested that it is a 1968. Although they did not come out of the catalog with the tail piece type bridge. Apparently the neck was repaired at some point and it is very solid, just has a scar. The cool thing is that the hole next to the top strap button is for adjusting the setup. Thanks!