So I recently bought Ultimate Guitar TabPro on my iPad 2 "Tabs HD" app. I was logged in, and used apple's paying thing. Automatically, I had access on the app to the TabPro tabs. I logged into my computer though, and I do NOT have access to TabPro. Can someone explain why this is so? I don't want to buy it twice, since I'm just a kid. Yes, I was logged in, and it's the same account if you're wondering.

I also submitted a Q&A thing to the staff, but it hasn't been answered yet, so I'm wondering if anyone else can explain. Sorry if this is in the wrong catagory btw.

Because they are two separately developed applications on two different platforms, you have to pay for both to be able to use them. The app staff are pretty firm on this one, so unfortunately you will only have access to your iPad program with Tab Pro.
My God, it's full of stars!
Oh, that's extremely stupid (imo). That is too bad though. So I have another problem now, I don't use apple minus my iPad 2 which is going down hill (and to the grave soon).