[font="arial"][size="2"]Rambutans at the seams, the little
hairs stitching those days together.
    Gather on this floor as
it sinks; Swamphouse wedding reception
2013 - (flashes 
going off in the kitch[size="2"]e[/size]n)
halls and grocery aisles, everything made
such linear sense then
and the evening sky above the apartment buildings
swarmed with blackbirds.
    But now in this
Polynesia of parking lots
direction is hard to negotiate;
once I found a staircase
inside a supermarket, and climbed until
it led me to a hotel.
Every room was locked, every 
pattern on the carpet 
and curtains
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rambutan was weird at first, but i looked it up and it makes sense now. how have i gone so long without knowing what the hell a rambutan is?

otherwise, dig this. once we get to the grocery store aisles, this really picks up. nice work.