I'm hoping this question is okay to ask because I'm really confused and concerned about the distortion pedal I recently received as a Christmas gift. I've set it up correctly (I think) with one cable plugged into the OUT input and my amp and another cable plugged into the IN input and my guitar. The problem is that when I switch the distortion on and play, it's fine, but when I switch it off, no sound comes out of my amp. How can I fix this so I can play clean with a press of my foot?

My pedal is a RAT2 by the way.
Thank you
Yeah, there's more than enough volume on my amp lol. This problem doesn't have anything to do with my amp? There's only one plug input on the amp besides a headphone jack

I just wanna make sure before I send my pedal back D:
Quote by Will Lane
It sounds broken to me. Maybe someone else could help on the forums.

lol! Well thank you for your help anyway. It would make sense to say it was broken because it's playing fine when I switch the distortion on. I'll wait and see what other people have to say before I decide to return it