Spent the last 12 hours on and off working on this Jackson guitar. Originally my friend had a DPDT mini toggle switch giving him about 9 tones and he wanted push pulls so I ended up taking the guitar apart and putting it back together.

new strings , re-adjusted the floyd rose, polished the frets with micro mesh and the whole 9 yards you do with used guitars. If it was my guitar I would have just put triple shot rings on the guitar as it would make life so much simpler but I figure I'd do this as a challenge with just push pulls.

This wiring allows you to make passive 4 wire pickups do the following.
accentuate on any half of a pickup you want, so the half with the rail , or the half with the p90
full powered humbucker
parallel for a hum cancelling tone. Super 5 way switch guitars are notorious for

this affects all positions on the guitar
yes all pickups that have 4 wires can do this. Not just p-rails, not just SD pickups. As long as you got a color code to go by.

This is the guitar

wiring was

use lead solder, it's easier
extend** the wires of the pickups to make life easier and use shrink wrap tubing
push pulls are on ebay for the cheapest ones. they work fine
I modified the wiring to suit my needs a little. I have a blade selector
tin every lead and wire, this way you dont get sloppy connections
use a box or something to sit the push pulls on. Do as much wiring outside the guitar as possible
take your time and don't be cheap on wire.

If I revise this wiring I'm going to add a phase switch but for the most part I'm pretty happy. The P-rails are really hot in humbucker mode but don't suit the guitar, parallel mode is great but I see no point in accentuating on coils. It's a what if at most.
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I just used a pair of three-way miniswitch toggles. I hate push-pulls.

You can't see at a glance where you're set, and you always stand to change the setting (rotate the pot) when you push or pull. Oh, and I did a "pull" one night and sailed the knob out into the audience.

Each miniswitch selects serlal/P90/rail coil for each pickup.
I do have a single push-pull to select both pickups parallel.
mini toggles are great too I agree, I hardly use them as guys are terrified of drills.

I'm working on a custom harness for a strat pickguard. Three knobs, three DPDT switches and 2 or 3 push pulls. Doubt I'll ever solder it together but you know for those who want to try to get everything out of one guitar.
That's impressive but looks confusing as **** to play. But, then again, strat knobs confuse me.
I'm still trying to get the hang of it as I plan to see the guy on saturday or sunday to give him the guitar back. My biggest tip if I didn't mention it is to tin every wire and contact it makes your life so much easier to do this. That and extend the pickup wires.

with a strat
volume is always closest
tone knob #1 - middle pickup only
tone knob #2 - bridge pickup only

the way I do strats is a little different. A master volume and both tone knobs effect all 3 pickups in different ways. One is a classic tone knob so it cuts treble like every other guitar we've played. The other is a fender greasebucket mod. So similar results to this guy.